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As adverbs the difference between beneath and beyond is that beneath is below or underneath while beyond is farther along or away. As prepositions the difference between beneath and beyond is that beneath is below while beyond is further away than. As a noun beyond is the unknown.

Beneath, under or below? Beneath has a meaning similar to under and below but we do not use it with numbers: We bought it for just under 200 pounds. Not: … for just beneath 200 pounds. The temperature was below zero all that week. Not: The temperature was beneath ….

Beneath 'The sun is beneath the horizon'! This is, technically, less meaningful than the others because it suggests that the sun is on the same vertical axis of the horizon. In other words, it suggests that the sun is DIRECTLY below the horizon (i.e. it is the darkest time of the day).

be· yond bē-ˈänd Synonyms of beyond 1 : on or to the farther side : farther We could see the valley and the hills beyond. 2 : in addition : besides provides the essentials but nothing beyond beyond 2 of 3 preposition 1 : on or to the farther side of : at a greater distance than beyond the horizon 2 a

#1 Could someone paraphrase "beyond or beneath" in the following for me? Thanks. The first hist ory we write is a history of races.

in or to a lower position than someone or something, under someone or something: Jaime hid the letter beneath a pile of papers. We huddled together for warmth beneath the blankets. After weeks at sea, it was wonderful to feel firm ground beneath our feet once more.

1 `under'. Under is almost always a preposition. You use under to say that one thing is at a lower level than another, and that the other thing is directly above it. For example, you might say that an object on the floor is under a table or chair. There's a cupboard under the stairs.

The meaning of BENEATH CONTEMPT is completely bad or worthless —used to describe someone or something that is too bad to deserve any respect. How to use beneath contempt in a sentence.

Beyond... is the first compilation album by American industrial metal band Static-X, released on July 20, 2004, through Warner Bros. Records. It is a compilation of previously unreleased tracks, remixes , cover versions , and the band's original demo tracks.

Hidden corners of Berlin, including the sites of two former prisons, will come together to tell you fascinating yet often overlooked stories that span 200 years of crime, terrorism, and people not afraid to get into trouble. Read more

1. In a physically lower position than someone or something. A: "Where are your towels?" B: "They're beneath the bed linens in the closet next to the bathroom." You'll be sleeping in the bunk beneath your brother. 2. Of a lower rank or position than someone or something else. Remember that you are beneath me in the hierarchy of power, Corporal.

Find 19 ways to say BENEATH, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Beneath & Beyond who we believe we are. Beneath & Beyond our questions are answers. … if only we knew how to really listen. Our hope is that these cards can be a useful guide in discovering more about ourselves and our place in the world and in the lives of others both human and nonhuman.

A lower place: under, below, beneath, underneath. Now let's begin. The words "under," "below," "beneath" and "underneath" can all mean "in a lower place or position and ...

a. Lower than; below: a drawer beneath a cabinet. b. To or into a lower position than: moved the picture beneath the light. 2. Covered or concealed by: The earth lay beneath a blanket of snow. 3. Under the force, control, or influence of. 4.

As prepositions the difference between above and beyond is that above is physically over; on top of; worn on top of, as clothing while beyond is further away than. As adverbs the difference between above and beyond is that above is directly overhead; vertically on top of while beyond is farther along or away. As nouns the difference between ...

above and beyond. More than is required. This somewhat redundant expression- above and beyond here both denote excess-often precedes the call of duty, which means exceeding what a particular job requires. Thus Putting in overtime without pay is above and beyond the call of duty. Also see over and above.

The 1994 adventure game Beneath A Steel Sky was considered quite good (like 91% good), and to call it fondly remembered would be to mine giant quantities of understatement from the red Australian sand

Beneath definition, below; in or to a lower place, position, state, or the like. See more.

Synonyms for beneath in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for beneath. 22 synonyms for beneath: under, below, underneath, lower than, inferior to, below, secondary to, not good enough for, lower in status than, not as important as. What are synonyms for beneath?

Bannock. Population. 56,799. Tucked beneath the mountain peaks of the Bannock Range and home to Idaho State, one of Idaho's biggest public universities, Pocatello is a charming family-friendly ...

RT @AndoMcDonnell: A contemplation on music and silence, and what lies before, beneath, within, and beyond it all… ...

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