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Beyond the Beyond

to be more than or not limited to something: The appeal of this device goes beyond convenience. See more beyond belief, repair, recognition, etc. C2 too great or bad for anyone to believe, repair, recognize, etc.: His thoughtlessness is beyond belief. See more beyond excited, serious, angry, etc.

: something that lies on or to the farther side : something that lies beyond (see beyond entry 1 sense 1) twenty miles back into the beyond R. W. Hatch 2 : something that lies outside the scope of ordinary experience

Beyond The Beyonds Definition Meanings Definition Source Phrase Filter phrase Beyond acceptable limits; outrageous . Wiktionary Advertisement Find similar words to beyond the beyonds using the buttons below.

: unaffordable by He enjoys a style of living that is beyond the means of all but the wealthiest people. Example Sentences Recent Examples on the Web This makes the solution elusive: fixing supply is largely beyond the means of the White House and Fed, but treating the problem as one of only demand could damage the economy.

: more than one is required or expected to do See the full definition beyond the grave idiom : after death See the full definition beyond the means of idiom : unaffordable by See the full definition beyond the pale idiom : offensive or unacceptable See the full definition beyond the reach of idiom : beyond the control of See the full definition

Beyond is an adverb that means "in addition" or "farther along." If you're headed to the silo beyond the barn, that means you're going to the silo that's on the far side of the barn. Beyond is related to the word yonder, which you might have heard in expressions like, "Over yonder hill, you'll see a picket fence."

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1. whatever is beyond or far away 2. whatever follows death; afterlife : often the great beyond See full dictionary entry for beyond Webster's New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved. Word Frequency the beyond in American English a. that which is at a great distance b.

When something is so far beyond belief that it is beyond being beyond belief. Donald Trump's election was beyond belief. Russiagate is beyond the beyond. by socraticmethodman March 4, 2017 Get the beyond the beyond mug. Advertise your YouTube video on Urban Dictionary in just 3 clicks More random definitions

beyond. 1 prep If something is beyond a place or barrier, it is on the other side of it. They heard footsteps in the main room, beyond a door... Beyond is also an adverb., adv n ADV, and ADV. The house had a fabulous view out to the Strait of Georgia and the Rockies beyond. 2 prep If something happens beyond a particular time or date, it ...

(bɪjɒnd ) 1. preposition If something is beyond a place or barrier, it is on the other side of it. They heard footsteps in the main room, beyond a door. On his right was a thriving vegetable garden and beyond it a small orchard of apple trees. Synonyms: on the other side of, behind, on the far side of, outwith [Scottish] More Synonyms of beyond

preposition Definition of beyond 1 as in past on or to the farther side of the arrow flew beyond the fence and into the woods Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance past over outside on the far side of Antonyms & Near Antonyms inside 2 as in outside

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The town centre had changed beyond all recognition. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the performance has had to be cancelled. 6 → be beyond somebody 7 used to mean 'except' in negative sentences Fred owns nothing beyond the clothes on his back. Examples from the Corpus beyond • The ban on hunting these animals has been extended ...

go beyond sth definition: 1. to be more than or not limited to something: 2. to be more than or not limited to something: . Learn more.

Beyond definition, on, at, or to the farther side of: Beyond those trees you'll find his house. See more.

C1 informal If something is beyond you, you are unable to understand it: Physics is completely beyond me. Quite how this process works is beyond me. How she finds time to do everything is beyond me. The editorial board claimed that they had no explanation for the plagiarism - that how it made it to publication was completely beyond them.

Britannica Dictionary definition of BEYOND 1 a : on or to the farther part or side From the house we can see the valley and the hills beyond. We passed the hotel and drove a bit beyond to see the ocean. b : to or until a later time The children who are part of the study will be monitored through their school years and beyond. 2 : in addition

Beyond definition: On the far side of; past. He could see a green open space just beyond; and then the woods seemed to be thicker and darker.

3 Beyond - more than; in excess of; over and above. I add so much salt so I no longer can taste the salt of my own tears Here is a point --------> . This is beyond that point ----^ Update with context: From Trevor Dunn

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