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immerse yourself in something definition: 1. to become completely involved in something: 2. to become completely involved in something: . Learn more.

immerse: 1 v cause to be immersed Synonyms: plunge absorb , engross , engulf , plunge , soak up , steep devote (oneself) fully to v thrust or throw into " Immerse yourself in hot water" Synonyms: plunge Types: show 9 types... hide 9 types... dip , douse , dunk , plunge , souse immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate dip ...

immerse definition: 1. to become completely involved in something: 2. to put something or someone completely under the…. Learn more.

The meaning of IMMERSE is to plunge into something that surrounds or covers; especially : to plunge or dip into a fluid. How to use immerse in a sentence.

Synonyms for immerse yourself include plunge, embark, undertake, tackle, begin, commence, start, engage in, enter on and go the limit. Find more similar words at!

Synonyms for IMMERSE: interest, intrigue, occupy, fascinate, involve, attract, engross, engage; Antonyms of IMMERSE: bore, weary, pall, tire, jade

Definition of immerse myself in in the Idioms Dictionary. immerse myself in phrase. What does immerse myself in expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Immerse myself in - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. ... immersed yourself in; immerser; immerses; immerses;

Don't get discouraged, though. Thanks to the miracle of technology, and some human ingenuity, you can surround yourself with a new language anytime, anywhere. Change your phone's language settings. This one's easy. Listen to a podcast or the news in a new language. Yes, I know you don't need more podcasts to listen to, but do it anyway.

The definition of immerse is to dip or put something completely into a liquid, or to totally absorb yourself in a particular activity. When you put a dish into a sink entirely full of sudsy water, this is an example of when you immerse the dish in the water. …. To cover completely in a liquid; submerge.

Definition of immerse yourself in in the Idioms Dictionary. immerse yourself in phrase. What does immerse yourself in expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

immerse yourself in something. phrase. DEFINITIONS 1. 1. to spend most of your time doing something or thinking about it. Sandra immersed herself in work to try and forget her problems at home. Synonyms and related words. Definition and synonyms of immerse yourself in something from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Once you choose a language, choose a destination. When you're there, do as the locals do. Make friends, communicate with everyone, soak up the culture and habits. If you want more than a friendship, strike up a romance by using one of the 40 best pick-up lines from around the world. This should provide a great starting point.

Four: Record Skype Conversations. There are many places on the internet to find language learning partners. I share some of the best in my list of the best language learning software. Use the reading and listening you're doing as the basis of your conversations. And bring photos from magazines to discuss.

While it may seem intimidating to take this extra step, however that's what makes it fun. Do this for a few minutes a day. Set a reminder for every day to switch to your learning language. Set a timer for about 10 minutes, then after the timer is over, switch back to your native language. After a couple weeks, change it to 15 minutes and so on.

Listening to the radio is a great way to expose yourself to English. In addition to music, you'll hear commercials, phone calls, and bonus segments with pranks, debates, games, and more. A great site for listening to radio stations from around the world is TuneIn. 25. Friend-Finding Apps.

Synonyms for immerse yourself in include enjoy, like, love, relish, adore, revel in, appreciate, savor, cherish and dig. Find more similar words at!

Don't give up, hug a tree or two and head for home. There are plenty of other ways to immerse yourself in nature and have fun while you're doing it. You'll be taking steps to manage stress too. Here are 10 relaxing nature activities that will rejuvenate your mind, from the simple to the life-changing. Savor the scenery.

Summarizing the main points. While there's no harm in listening to podcasts in another language just for fun, practicing active learning will optimize your language immersion. 4. Practice all language skills. There are four primary skills to build when learning a new language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

This is the key principle of language immersion. Immersion learning focuses on learning English in the most natural way. It means to build your vocabulary and knowledge of English through natural exposure - by interacting with English in your everyday life. By surrounding yourself with the language you are studying, you can have constant ...

15. Yabla/FluentU. Yabla and FluentU are online video "immersion" tools, where you watch authentic videos in the target language, with accompanying subtitles and other built-in features to help facilitate language learning. These are paid services, but you can try them out for free before committing. 16.

Immerse yourself in the cinematic world of Sofia Coppola. One of today's leading voices on girl culture is Sofia Coppola. To mark 25 years since her directorial debut, we've created the Celebrating Sofia Coppola UT Collection. Using scenes and phrases that embody her cinematic world, a place that is at times hauntingly ethereal and at times ...

Corn Squeezins: Immerse yourself in the hardships, the successes, the chases, and the raids as you discover mountain moonshine [Martin, Danny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Corn Squeezins: Immerse yourself in the hardships, the successes, the chases, and the raids as you discover mountain moonshine

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